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Freddy Fresh Give Me a Break 
800 Riffs, Breaks and Beats   


Book that catalogues over 800 breakbeats catalogued by Artist and bpm's, sampled from vinyl by DJ Freddy Fresh over a span of 40 years of collecting, sampling and producing electronic music, with brief introduction to sampling and beat digging culture and the hardware samplers used by producers, (MPC's, SP1200s etc.) A unique one of a kind book.

Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records  2nd Edition  


The Critically Acclaimed World's ONLY GUIDE!! Freddy Fresh presents The Rap Records 2nd Edition New and Revised now expanded thru 1994 and Beyond considered the bible on the subject of Independent Rap Record labels worldwide

Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records  1st Edition   (Few Left)


The first book in the world to detail the independent record labels that released rap music from 1979 to 1989. Details the record companies, and lists the catalog numbers of each phonorecord (maxi 12 singles) and the date manufactured and rates it based on rarity. (Some of these records have sold for over $2,000 recently on ebay etc..) Details the record labels alphabetically. Author Freddy Fresh is an artist and world renowned dance music producer who travelled to over 30 countries to do research for this book. Winner of the Award for excellence in Historical Sound Research. Rave reviews in the New York Times, Record Collector, Vibe, The Source, Village Voice, among others.

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